Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Did It!

After months of hard work, Planned Parenthood and our supporters can celebrate. We enjoyed overwhelmingly success last Tuesday night. A huge THANK YOU is owed to all of our volunteers who helped us 1.) elect Barack Obama, who will be a pro-choice, pro-women's health president 2.) win several of our endorsed seats in the Michigan House of Representatives, 3 of which we spent much time in canvassing and phone banking, and 3.) pass Proposal 2, which will loosen restrictions on stem cell research, which will in turn lead to more cures for devastating medical conditions.

Our victories show that the people of Michigan, as well as the rest of the country, understand that WOMEN'S HEALTH MATTERS! People realize that access to affordable birth control, emergency contraception, and comprehensive sexuality education are important preventative-based health care measures that protect women and families. People realize that upholding a women's right to choose is essential to the freedom and dignity of all human beings. And finally, people realize that when anti-choice politicians choose to attack reproductive health care, it shows a lack of common-sense and compassion.

So CONGRATULATIONS everyone! We did it.

However, don't rest too easy. The fight to ensure access to quality reproductive health care for all individuals will continue.

Would you like to join us? Email me at to get involved.

Check out this article written about us in The Detroit News to see what a great group we are to get involved with!: